About us


LEDGO HORECA is a professional lighting rental and sales company for all your venue’s LED furniture and lighting needs. LEDGO idea was born in order to experience a new dialogue between design and art. We can help you provide light and color to your workplace, home or have fun and enjoy their warmth.

If you are a client of HoReCa industry, we can help you make your bar, club, pub, restaurant and hotel to be more arresting and fancy;

If you are a corporation client, we can help you make your office, concept shop, showroom, production set to be more enjoyable and less-energy consuming.

If you are an event organizer or relevant agency, we can be your good partner to make your event, party and concert to be more successful.

LEDGO offers to its customers Geolin furniture, special and extravagant accessories. Even the most demanding customer will surely find something to their liking.

LEDGO can be used inside, for outdoor events or in any other place. A LEDGO product always finds its place and can break even the line of traditional space.

Our furniture pieces creates a unique space in which originality inspires warmth and personality. Light effects created by the innovative LED that changes color gives your party a magical atmosphere… Dream on!

Light LEDGO furniture offers plenty of positive energy, due to the play of light and shadows created. Use of LEDGO furniture produces emotions, sharpens the senses and communication as it favors dialogue with its positive ambiance.
Innovative LED technology ensures long life and high energy efficiency and characterize the new era of enlightenment. LEDGO facilitates energy saving from the moment the light is on.

LEDGO offers counseling services through our experts in design and architecture who can guide you choosing furniture and accessories, as well as possible combinations.
In order to guarantee the desired level, LEDGO has a philosophy that ensures easy handling and functioning smoothly.

We invite you to step into, to imagine and discover an inspiring space.

LEDGO HORECA is your partner.
Do not hesitate to contact us!.